How do assessments work?

The tool is a series of questions about your production methods. You will follow through the assessment by answering these questions. It will take you around 1 hour to complete. After you answer each question, you will see some information as to whether we think you are following best practice, or whether we would recommend a different approach. If you need to save your assessment part way through, you can, and come back later to complete it. At the end of the assessment you will get a summary which you can save, print out and keep. We recommend that you take the assessment once a year.

All of the advice given has been written by food scientists, and is backed up by published research. You will see links to this research if you wish to know more about any particular issues. You can also find links to published guidance, information and relevant parts of the legislation.

Can I stay anonymous?

Yes you can—you can use the tool without registering. We do however recommend that you register, as then you will be able to save your assessments and come back when you wish to monitor your progress. This tool will not be used for individual monitoring or any enforcement activities, but if you still wish to remain anonymous you can.

Although we will not monitor individual businesses, we will look at the overall results of the assessments across the UK. This will help us to monitor general Listeria risk and give advice to businesses on a UK basis.